We are an industrial company installed in our own area, with 100,000 m2 of land and 16,000 m2 of built area, located in the Industrial District of GravataĆ­.

Its origin was a small workshop for the manufacture of pressure cookers and kerosene torches, installed in 1949 by J. Aloys Griebeler, a gaucho with a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. With a tradition of over 60 years producing gas items and bathroom accessories, it currently serves the Brazilian and international market, exporting to several countries, especially Latin America and Africa.

Jackwal reduced the emission of 270.99 TCO2 of greenhouse gases by the use of renewable sources by 2021.


Over the years Jackwal has sought full customer satisfaction, manufacturing products that provide them with a better quality of life, always exceeding expectations regarding quality, safety and reliability.

As entrepreneurs, we have been constantly defending nature, seeking to develop in people an ecological conscience, focused on the conservation of the environment, rational use of resources, clean technology, reuse and recycling of materials.

We believe in the Brazilian citizen, in his workforce, in his intelligence and willpower; we believe in the full insertion of Brazil in the developed world, in the near future, through the full use of its human and material potentials; we are supporters of free enterprise and we strive for the development and progress of the nation, always based on justice, harmony and equal opportunity for all.


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